Projects and Activities

Our Kiwanis club participates in a variety of projects throughout the year that involve fundraising, community service, and assisting children locally and worldwide.  Additionally, we have speakers at our weekly meetings to explore topics of interest to the membership. We engage in a number of social activities to share experiences, talents and our collective interests. All represent great opportunities for service, friendships and personal growth.

Below are the projects and activities in which we are currently involved:

Riverway Kiwanis Park:  is located along the East shore of the Scioto River, at the north end of Griggs Reservoir. This park provides a boardwalk nature-trail through the wetlands along the river,  providing opportunities for viewing of birds and flora. Funding for park was provided by the Kiwanis Club. The Dublin Parks and Recreation Department assists in the maintenance and managing of the this park area.  You can see more by Clicking here!  You can also visit the park on Facebook by Clicking Here!